Z31 Differential Info

The Z31 chassis universally utilized the “Long Nose” R200 differential, and in 2023 Z31 limited slip differentials are highly sought after for other Nissan and similar rear wheel drive applications. The USDM Z31 300ZX was fairly stingy with which cars were given the more desirable limited slip differentials, likely because of the strength and availability of the open R200 differential. To quote community member SATAN, someone familiar with Z31s making absurd horsepower:

“Now on the power rating… 300whp is nothing for any of the R200’s to handle. There is a guy who has an open diff, two pinion, from a N/A 86 300zx making 700whp. Hasn’t broken it.” (link)

The R200 differential was used in a variety of other vehicles, including the Silvia, Z32 and other future Z cars, as well as the Mazda RX7.

Z31 Differential Reference Sheet:

Year / ModelRegionDifferential TypeRatioRing gear teethPinion gear teethNotes
1984-87 NAUSDMOpen3.7:13710
1988-89 NAUSDMOpen3.9:13910
1984-86 TUSDMOpen3.545:13911
1984-89 TJDMOpen3.545:13911
04/1987-1989 TUSDMClutch LSD3.7:13710
1988 ShiroUSDMViscous LSD3.7:13710
Turbo (Europe)EUOpen3.364:137114 Spider Gears
NA (Europe)EUOpen3.7:137102 Spider Gears
Turbo (Europe)EUOpen3.545:139114 Spider Gears
Turbo (Middle East)EUOpen3.545:139114 Spider Gears
NA (Middle East)EUOpen3.7:137104 Spider Gears
Turbo (Outside EU)EUOpen3.545:139112 Spider Gears
NA (Outside EU)EUOpen3.7:137104 Spider Gears
300ZX – M/TJDMOpen3.545:139112 Spider Gears
200Z/ZS/ZG (All)JDMOpen4.111:137192 Spider Gears
200ZR – M/TJDMClutch LSD4.375:13584 Spider Gears
200ZR – A/TJDMClutch LSD4.625:13594 Spider Gears
300ZR (All)JDMClutch LSD4.111:13794 Spider Gears